Friday, March 24, 2017

Saga; The Warlord dies again.

The second game of Saga was played last Wednesday. Even though my Warlord Halvar Skullsplitter had been killed in the last game time was short so we went with his stats rather than rolling up a new one.

The scenario was an ambush with Tostig Bloodaxe being the Ambushers and Halvar hoping to get off the board. Alive would be good.

Seven turns to move thirty inches. Seems easy enough. The Vikings move first and the Vanguard is one move closer to the edge. Halvar uses an attribute to move two units at once and the Hearth guard in rear activates twice to tighten up the column. A unit of Anglo-Dane warriors comes out of the woods just behind the Viking Vanguard. Hoping to punch through this blocking unit Halvar orders the forward Hearth guard unit to attack. Not quite prepared for battle the Vikings take extra fatigue but the Anglo-Danes are pushed back.

More Anglo-Danes are attacking on either side of the Vikings.

The Vikings rush to escape the ambush. Halvar takes his Heartguard and attempts to run off through the woods on his left. Unfortunately Tostig has arrived with his Heartguard and Halvar is forced into combat. He fends off several attacks from Tostig but can't get out of his reach. Eventually Halvar succumbs to fatigue and an overwhelming number of hits.

The other Vikings have fended for themselves and are off the board or close to the edge.

With the death of their Warlord the Vikings are searching for a new leader. Still the memory of their fallen leader is etched in the lore of his people.

Another good game. I think we missed a few things, like me losing Saga dice as units moved off the table, but most of the main mechanics were done right. I'll need to study my battle board a little more and search the web for advice on running the Vikings. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saga, Death of a Warlord

That would be my Warlord. After a few weeks of scheduling conflicts  we got the first game of the Saga campaign in.

It was a straight up fight between Matt's Normans and my Vikings. Scenario one in the rule book. Clash of the Warlords. I choose two woods and placed them just off the center of the table, Matt placed a hill over on his right flank. I knew the woods would protect me from the fire of the crossbows but didn't realize they offered no protection for melee.

I placed my troops behind the woods and Matt set his up with crossbows near the table center and cavalry on my right flank.

My Vikings moved into the woods where we hoped to make combat difficult for the Normans. Several times I used the ability of the Vikings to force a missile unit to move rather than fire. 

The Normans shifted the cavalry over to their right and then attacked my warriors and Warlord. Pushing back the warriors the Warlord was left exposed. Matt then attacked the Warlord with his mounted Warlord and Hearthguard. Adding a special ability gave him plenty of dice to crush my warlord which he did.

Not a successful game for me but still fun. I had missed a few attributes of my force which may have helped and forgot the victory conditions. I should have pulled back my Warlord as it was turn five and could have fought to a draw or a least not such a catastrophic defeat. 

I think that Saga is a good game that gives a number of decision points to the players. The mechanics are basic for movement and combat but the use of the battle board takes a little thought. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

29 Let's go back and get some more support.

Nate and I met at Hobby Town for a game of CoC. We played the second scenario out of the 29 lets go campaign . Once again The Americans were tasked with attacking the Germans and looking capture a jump off marker at the rear of the table.

I remember what had happened the last game and felt I had adjusted my tactics to meet the challenge. A couple of good rolls let me bring on most of my platoon and some support. It was uphill from there. My attempt to advance quickly with advancing fire was crushed by Nate's HMG and the squad in the field consistently rolling five hits each activation Kills and shock started to pile up. I brought up the tank and brought on my Senior leaders to help stop the crumbling of my front line but to no avail. The Sherman was unable to do any damage, several Junior leaders were lost and finally the Sherman was knocked out by the Germans.

I think that I should have brought all my 30 cals on early. Choosing a 50 cal would have been better than the mortar. I'm thinking about the advantage/disadvantage of attaching leaders at long range. Also a little Patience setting up the attack may have helped.

All in all a good game. I'm looking forward to playing again and may even do a practice solo game to work out some ideas.

A few more shots of the action and more detail of the game can be found here

Friday, March 10, 2017

La Cambe, Chain of Command

We got together for a four player CoC game. Nate and I were the Americans while Matt and Howard played Germans. The Americans were tasked with pushing the Germans out of their positions in the town.

The Americans moved on to the table quickly but then the assault started to stall. On the left Nate was able to move up and engage with support of a Sherman but it was ambushed and destroyed.

On the right my troops came under a heavy suppressive fire and the troops hunkerd down behind a wall stopping their advance and only returning fire.

A second Sherman moved up in support but that was taken out by off table 88s.

The Germans stationed in the farmhouse pour a devastating fire into the Americans as they moved across the open fields. The US attack had stalled on both sides and the hour was late so we called the game. 

It was another enjoyable game of CoC. Once again I left the table thinking of what I could have done better to achieve my units goals. Spending some more time reading the rules will help and remembering some of the special rules for my army is key also.

This was the third game of CoC for the 6x6 challenge and I can see how playing games close together and consistently help improve the experience. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017


It was back to Hobby Town Nanuet after their move. Howard and I played a game of A Gentleman's War using the AWI version. I was the British with a unit of regulars, 2 light infantry and 2 light guns. My objective was to destroy the Rebels. Opposing me was a Rebel force of 2 regulars, 2 light guns, 1 rifles and 1 militia.

Immediately after entering the board my regulars and guns were fired upon by the rebels rifles and given a couple of casualties.

Then one unit of my light infantry moved up to attack the rifles on the flank. They attempted to fall back but were unsuccessful and my troops went in with bayonets and destroyed the unit.

My other light infantry moved up along the right flank as the main body slowly moved through the town. The Rebel guns fired upon the column as it advanced forcing it to deploy into line.
 One of the guns moved off to the right and aided the lights in firing on the Rebels lines.

The Rebel infantry moved up and pressured my regulars and light infantry on the right. A militia unit in the woods moved up and poured a withering fire on my troops. The regulars were forced back. Then both my guns were attacked by infantry a forced back. I thought for sure that would be the end of the game but the regulars rallied and the lights started to wear down the rebel guns and infantry.

The American commander decided it was better to leave the field than lose more troops and withdrew. Although the British had forced the rebels back they were in no shape to pursue and fell back themselves.

It was a great game with plenty of tension through out. The firing rules are a little different for the AWI version muskets counting every three figures per die and having a  reload rule. Infantry units are a little larger also with12-24 figures. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Two months in.

One of my goals this year was to complete projects so that I would have the figures, terrain and rules for 2-4 players in a given period.So how's that going? My gangster project is almost at that point. I've picked Mad Dogs with Guns as the rule set. I've 12 gangsters painted all fromCopplestone Castings with another dozen primed and ready. A little over a half dozen buildings, a mix of Plasticville and 4Ground, and a few cars.

I'm using foamboard as the base for the roads and the buildings. Switching to MDF later is probably the better choice but the foamboard is easy to work with and less expensive. The table is 29x40 inches. It could use a little green. I'm working on a park with a fountain and iron fence around it.

This puts me at about 65% complete for this project. Another dozen and a half figures, two to three buildings and a park should finish it off. Next month I plan to focus on Sharp Practice finishing up terrain and figures.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mad Dogs with Guns, The end of Buddy Rich.

The second game of MDwG saw five of us in Matt's paisley game room. Matt had set up a great table with buildings he had at hand and I added a few that had been completed over the weekend. After a little discussion Howard concocted a scenario for us to play. We formed up our gangs and got right in to playing.

 In MDwG gangs generally have a Boss and several members ranging from skilled gunman down to thugs. Each character has several traits that are rated from 2-5 and generally you must roll equal or below this number to succeed. There are also skills assigned to characters, (Two gun kid, Femme Fatale, Brutal Champ,)  to add more color. The turn is handled by a deck of regular playing cards with each gang being given a color, 2 players, or a suit. Rules covering cars, scenarios and a campaign are also provided. This is a pretty basic description  of the game. The rules are available here.

Now on to the game. Buddy Rich the big boss from Newark is coming in to town to visit his late mothers grave and check up the local mob that's running whiskey for him with a little on the side for themselves. The local G-men got word that something was going on but hadn't a clear idea what and needed to wait to see who showed up. Word also went out to a rival gang who sent in a hit man to take out Rich and gain control of his territory. The law enforcement were spending the day anticipating enjoying some of the local spirits.
 It's a sleepy Sunday morning in the town with no one on the streets. The G-men wait in their car, no radio, no phones, no idea. The Local gang takes advantage of the quiet to reallocate inventory. The rival hit man naps and the Cops decide who cuts the deck.
 The train pulls in as the town wakes up and several well dressed men disembark. A reporter smells a story and moves in for quotes and photos. Mr Rich speaks of his mother and how he will place flowers and cannolis on the grave. A tear trickles from his eye as his bodyguard shoves the reporter out of the way and they get into the car.
As the new comers start off in their car another vehicle pulls up along side them. Before they know it a blast of gunfire hits the car wounding the accountant but the others manage to get out of the car.
The car then explodes in a ball of fire. The accountant falls to the pavement as the others run for cover. The hit men in the car manoeuvre to keep up the gun fire. However they soon hear the whistle of lead as the local mobs Torpedo opens fire on them.
Blazing away with his tommy gun he hits the gas tank and for the second time a car explodes on the bucolic streets of town. The gun battle rages as the rival gangs hit man looks to achieve his goal and the local gang tries to figure out how to work this to their advantage. The cops hear all the noise and decide they need to go and investigate. The G-men start to move also hoping to catch their man. They block off the main road out of town and try to sort out who's who in the gun fight.

The local boys get caught up in the roadblock. This isn't the big score the G-men where looking for but they'll take it. The gun battle is still going on around the train station. Suddenly a keen eyed agent spots Rich creeping around the back of the road block. He grabs another agent and they pursue the gangster through the church yard. Again gunfire erupts in the street. This time the G-men get the target they were after and Buddy Rich falls in a hail of gunfire.
Just yards from his destination Rich utters his last words. I brought you cannolis Ma.

This was a great game with lots of action and a story line severely edited here. I would not have said I was a fan of games with role playing elements but they were integral to this game and made it all the more fun. Originally I saw this as one off games to play for a little variety but now I'm thinking of some linked scenarios to make a mini campaign.

My thanks go to Matt for hosting and Howard with help from Eric for GMing the game. 

Here's another AAR with a few more pictures.