Friday, June 23, 2017

Back in the red.

Things looked to be going well. The boys were loading the truck with several barrels of whiskey and we had a rivals moll stashed away hoping to gain some cash from the ransom. That's as good as it got. No one was paying attention except maybe the cops and who would have expected that.

The town was quite as two cars pulled in and parked unnoticed along Main st. The cops were out on patrol. With the truck loaded the Boss lead the way across town hoping to sell the liquor for a tidy sum.

Then it happened. Out of nowhere a bast of tommy gun fire ripped through the vehicles. The rival gang in town to get their boss's gal back recognized the Boss and opened fire. An unplanned ambush that went surprisingly well. They killed both drivers and set both vehicles on fire. 

The cops moved in to question the gunmen about their activities and a brisk scuffle ensued. Down on the other side of town the out of towners were questioning the local reporter on the whereabouts of  the girl. They got the information they needed and headed back up town to retrieve her.

One of the boys seeing what was happening rushed over to stop them but went down in a hail of bullets.

We met at Hobby Town were Howard, Nate, Zev and I played the game despite the lack of air conditioning.  Mad Dogs with Guns is released this week by Osprey. The game comes as a hardback and the production quality is very good. We've. played several games in the past and each has been packed with action .  Though I lost badly this was still a fun game.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Death of the Warlord Again

Halvar and his band of men went a viking into the Normans land. After a meager campaign season last month they hoped to gain some riches from the men of the west. Things looked good as the stumbled across two separate wagon trains of goods led by Rogbert a wealthy but crafty Norman Lord.

Halvar sent one group of Hirdmen and Bondi to wait in the broken ground for a wagon and it escort to approach. Mean while he and the rest of the Hirdmen and Bondi moved up the center hoping to out flank the other group of wagons. Immediately the Norman cavalry attacked the Bondi.

After a fierce combat with some back and forth the Bondi were beat and forced back. Then the Hirdmen realized the wagons were escaping and raced across the open fields to catch up. One wagon escaped but the other fell to the raiders. Halvar remained behind to hold up the cavalry. He slowed their movement but fell to the overwhelming numbers.

Over on the left the northmen advanced into combat with the Norman crossbows unfamiliar with the power of the weapons they rushed across the open ground their numbers dwindling with each step. Then the Norman cavalry arrived to assist the foot troops. 

Having seen the Bondi ridden down and getting  no help from their fellows the Hirdman retired off the board.

A fun game. I'm still not sure of some of the rules and have to develop some better tactics but I have enjoyed Saga at each outing.

Some more pictures are here on Saltflats1929

Friday, June 16, 2017

Attack on the Fort

This week saw the Colonial variant of A Gentleman's War. Still in play test the differences were that most all Moroccan  infantry were six figure skirmish units and on the first Ace the native force was able to bring on units anywhere on the table.

The scenario, the French forces are attacking the local stronghold and then moving onto relieve the garrison at the village.

The French moved up to engage the fort. The Sphais moved around around the flank and engaged some local mounted troops. The infantry and artillery fired upon the fort with little effect.

Suddenly the Moroccan infantry popped up on both sides of the French force. the Turcos moved to engage the Moroccans while the French line continued the assault.

The Chasseurs move back to chase off some enemy skirmishers and the returns to charge the cavalry moving up to relieve the fort.

More native foot move on board and the the Sultan arrive with his guard and charges up the wadi.

The Turcos hold against the Sultans force as the French line bust into the fort and melee the defenders. 

After a bloody fight the Moroccans are cleared from the fort.
The celebrating that followed last for days.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Battle of Fort Detroit.

We got together for a game of Flint & Feather last week. Matt pulled out his log fort and Howard the natives. I played the French commander with Matt as the Huron's and Howard and Nate were the Iroquois.

My first mistake was to have two of my leaders grouped together so I was unable to react as well. After that the dice didn't go my way with most rolls only allowing one group to move. Nate's Iroquois were able to scale the walls unopposed and then kill my musketeer and take his weapon. The Priest then in a moment of inspiration rushed out of the fort to preach to Howard's attacking Iroquois but thankfully I was able to rescue him before capture.

In the end the attack on the fort was repulsed. There was some heavy action over in the Huron village the details of which were lost to me but it seemed that Matt was able to keep the village and gain a few reputation points in the process.

Here's Matt's blog with more pictures of the action.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Trip to the Army Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

I was in Stockholm earlier this month for a family event and had the chance to visit the Army Museum. We saw plenty of other things but there but for the purpose of this blog this was it.

I went to the Museum twice. The first time I got the times mixed up and after getting about half way through the 3rd floor heard the announcement that the museum was closing in five minutes. There were some great exhibits on the Thirty Years War and the Great Northern War. I'll need to go back to this section.

I went back a couple of days later and this time went right to the Wargame exhibit that was on. This was an excellent exhibit which did a great job of explaining the history of wargaming and then relating it to use by the military and then showing how the hobby developed and the different types of games that reflect military histories of battles and the adventures of men during wartime.

It took me a bit to figure out how to capture the experience with my camera and these photos don't do it justice but here they are.

So there it is. There were many other games from Chess to War Hammer. You can check out the facebook pages for the exhibit and the museum. If your visiting Stockholm I would highly recommend going to the museum.